Windows Vista indexing service (Windows Search SearchIndexer.exe) is a process that scans and creates a database record of files and folders on the system in order to improve the speed of search operation. When WSearch indexing is running, it will unavoidable has read and write access to hard disk, causing slowdown in computing performance.

Although Windows Vista indexing speed will automatically reduced due to heavy user activity, many people opt to pause or disable the indexing service temporarily. One common option is pausing the indexing process by clicking on “Pause” button in “Indexing Options” dialog window. When pausing, the status for indexing service is “Indexing is paused”, with “Pause” button disabled or grayed out.

However, there is no unpause, resume or continue button to restart or resume the indexing process. In order to resume indexing from pausing, the workaround is to either restart the computer, or restart the Windows Search (WSearch) service. To restart the Windows Server (SearchIndexer.exe) that performs that indexing job, go to “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services”. Locate “Windows Search” and click on “Restart Service” button.