returnil-virtual-systemReturnil Virtual System Premium Edition is a sandbox system protection software with powerful virtualization technology that completely mirrors your actual computer setup and create a virtual storage disk within your PC where you can save documents, data, and files. On first look, Returnil may be of less useful to most people. However, for Internet surfers who frequently download and install application software, or visit potentially malicious websites, Returnil Virtual System can provides an altogether different and highly complimentary level of defense.

Returnil Virtual System is designed to protect your computer from all types of software, downloads, websites or anything else that might harbor viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. It works by cloning a computer’s System Partition and boots the PC into this system layer rather than native Windows, allowing you run your applications in a completely isolated environment. Hence the session and all activity, malicious or otherwise, will happen in the virtual environment, not in the real PC environment, effectively allowing user to erase and delete all changes and restore to original state by simply rebooting if the PC is attacked or gets infected, without sacrificing computer performance or usability while helping to reduce technical support intervention and the need for routine maintenance.

Features of Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition:

  • Keeps your System Partition safe when browsing the Internet.
  • Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Adware, Spyware, and unwanted content disappear with a simple reboot.
  • Enforces settings and protects your internet privacy.
  • Helps reduce overall disk wear by using memory rather than HDD cloning technology.
  • Saves you time, money, and lost hair by maintaining or improving peak computer performance.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for routine disk de-fragmentation of your system partition.
  • Your spam filter is strong, but not infallible – Returnil will eliminate the consequences of opening infected e-mail and/or attachments.
  • Leaves absolutely no traces of computer activities.
  • Eliminates all activities even if your computer is powered-off or crashes.
  • Eliminates the danger of evaluating new software that does not require a reboot to install.
  • Offers stronger, simpler and smarter protection for your PC.
  • Seamless integration with supported Windows Operating Systems.
  • Easy to use, simple to configure, and the one tool in your arsenal that will be there to save the day when all else fails. had previously given away the free license serial key for Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition 2008. And for those who didn’t manage to grab a copy of the virtualization sandboxing software, today (December 30, 2008) is another chance. Although there is other similar sandbox software such as Sandboxie, Windows SteadyState, and even free Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition, which lacks features such as session saving, file manager, cache method choice, system folder relocation, shell extension menu, explorer browsing and drag & drop files and folders, the Premium Edition of Returnil Virtual System is among the most powerful available in market. It costs $24.95 a copy if buy from retail channel.

To grab the free Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition 2.0, just download, and ran the setup.exe to install Returnil by end of December 30, 2008. Then, use the following license key serial to register the product as full version software for unlimited usage with no expiry date.


You can also download the trial version from any mirror listed on, and then use the registration product key to activate and convert the trial to full version product.

Update: Download Free Returnil System Safe Pro 2011