Do you know all the vital statistics about your computer? Do you have any idea how your computer compares in setting or performance to your colleague’s computer? Fresh Diagnose is a complete and comprehensive computer diagnosing and benchmarking tool which can deliver you all this information. Unlike other programs which may just give you a few isolated reports, FresDiagnose makes a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of every aspect of your computer system.

In its analysis, different parts of the computer from hardware to software will be put under scrutiny. Yet one doesn’t have to be a computer nerd to use this software. The reports of the analysis are easily navigated due to the use of an intuitive user interface and their organization into distinct categories. These include: Software System, Hardware System, Devices, Network and Internet, Multimedia, Database System, Hardware Resources, Snapshot and Traces.

An analysis of the computer’s memory, for example, will be found under Hardware Systems and will include a detailed analysis of the computer’s memory capacity and settings info amongst others. FreshDiagnose also carries out benchmarking exercises on a computer in comparison with other computer systems. Benchmark categories include processor, memory, harddisk, network, multimedia, display adapter and CD.

One drawback is that the benchmark systems may not be up-to-date. If one is interested to know more about the facts and figures behind a computer, FreshDiagnose may give one valuable information to fully utilize the smart machine. Download the latest Fresh Diagnose 7.92 via the link here.