To copy and paste a file or folder from one place to another wouldn’t bother you much. A simple drag and drop via mouse or the simple Ctrl+C and Ctrl + V keys will get the job done easily. Having said that, this might not be always true if the number of files to be copied and pasted are not limited to one or two but a huge amount. Some users have probably experienced the frustration of copying and pasting files/folders across a slow network connection and suddenly the process is halted or terminated automatically. Users would then need to spend some valuable time to retrace the files/folders that have been copied/pasted, redo the process, etc. If users need to copy or move files quite frequently for either work or personal reasons, the visual file copy utility, RichCopy, probably is ideal and useful.

RichCopy is not something new or novel from Owen. This application has been developed in 2001 since the days of Windows 95. This application was not that popularly known since it is an internal tool not meant for public use. However, Microsoft has lately removed the restrictions and released RichCopy as a public download. Users who want to enhance the files/folders copying process can download this free utility via the link here.

So what can RichCopy do for you or assist you to do in file copying? The great thing about this utility is its ability to support multithreaded copying. Instead of copying one file at a time, RichCopy allows multiples files to be copied in parallel and reduce the total time required to complete the operation several times over. This can reduce the time of copying substantially. Besides, users can monitor the copy process and control the process via pause/resume feature available. Users can chose to pause the copying process when the network connectivity is slow and vice versa. RichCopy will also preserve the particular file attributes when copying files. Technically RichCopy is useful for copying a huge number of files, e.g. copying files from one hard drive to the other.