Ricochet Xtreme from Reflexive Entertainment is a breakout style arcade game featuring state of art graphics, sound and lots of new twists on the old classic brick-busting game, Breakout. Each level of Ricochet Xtreme introduces new weapons or tools, and of course with added difficulty. Players can choose to play in difficulty level of “Easy”, “Normal”, “Hard” and “Insane”.

Features of Ricoche Extreme:

  • 170 Exciting Levels.
  • 4 Unique Environments.
  • 15 Awesome Power-Ups.
  • 13 Specialty Bricks.

Ricochet Xtreme

The gamers in Ricochet Xtreme hit the ball with customized paddle, and the ball breaks the bricks for points. For people who enjoys Ricochet Xtreme, or want to play Ricochet Extreme, Amazon.com is now offering Ricochet Xtreme via Game Download for $0.00, free of charge. It equals to free giveaway of the Ricochet Xtreme arcade game.

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Currently, Ricochet Xtreme is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address.