Apple Inc’s iPhone is famous for its multi-touch capabilities thanks to the capacitive touch screen embedded into its display LCD module. It is not only offering an easy and convenience way of navigating through your mobile devices with finger but also providing a much more sensitive and responsive touch screen display with greater user experience. However, occasionally you may want to have a very precise touch using stylus and have you ever wonder how good would that be if the capacitive touch can be coupled with resistive touch capability? Here is how the innovative idea from RIM (Research in Motion) that will able to fill the gap. Just recently, the famous mobile manufacturer has just filed a patent on how to have both resistive and capacitive touch screen feature integrated into a single mobile device.

By combining both resistive and capacitive touch screen module into a single device, users will be able to get the best out of it. Firstly, users can enjoy the simple touch with fast response without the need of having any stylus. Besides, they will able to use the stylus for more accurate touch whenever necessary especially on a tiny screen. However, don’t expect it to be cheap since the existing technology with capacitive touch screen is still far more expensive as compared to resistive touch technology. And this hybrid technology could mean even higher cost which would contribute to the whole product BOM (Bill of Material) cost and eventually be reflected into final retail price.

No exact date on when this will be implemented on actual device, or it could be purely a brilliant idea as of now but really hope that the new hybrid technology can be more affordable and be implemented in next generation high end Blackberry devices.