Apple’s iPhones has been getting a good traction in consumer market but some may wonder how this device can be fitted into enterprise use where security and encryption are the major concerns. However, with the full rich of eco-partners and software developers’ support, this device capability can be scaled up and extended to corporate and enterprise use. Just recently, RSA, the EMC’s security division has just announced its famous SecurID Software Token application dedicated for iPhones’ users so that the mobile device can be used as a secured access point when there is a need to access corporate network while away from desks.


By launching and tapping on the SecurID software with the right token seed, users can rest assured to have a secure channel accessing the corporate network without physically need to be located in the office. Good thing is, users don’t have to worry about losing theirs iPhones since the SecurID tokens can be revoked easily for convenience of users and most importantly, it eliminates the hassle to carry along a hardware authenticator with only one-time generated password that can be used to access VPN, WLAN and other encrypted applications.

The SecurID Software Token application is already available in App Store for free download. However, as usual, the organization has to spend some budget to purchase the SecurID token seed besides the need to have the Authentication Manager installed in their system.