The latest update for Apple’s web browser, Safari 3.0.4 Beta, for Windows has been released. This update is recommended for all users who are currently running Safari 3 Beta for Windows. Safari is one of the fastest, easiest-to-use web browsers. The interface is simple and its loading time is much faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox This latest release has further improved its stability, compatibility, performance and security. The summary of the notable changes are as follow: –

New features
– Allows windows to be resized from any side
– Includes an additional font smoothing option (“standard”)
– Adds International text input methods
– Adds advanced text options (contextual forms, international scripts)
– Supports NTLM
– Includes auto-detection of PAC files
– Supports listing FTP directories
– Links to proxy settings from Safari (Safari respects the proxy settings in the Windows Internet control panel)
– Adds cookie management
– Adds LiveConnect support
– Includes tooltips
– Adds spell checking and grammar checking
– Allows printing of page numbers, titles, margins
– Improves bookmark collection interface
– Maintains original order of imported bookmarks
– Adds an interface for editing AutoFill information
– History searches now search the full text of visited websites
– Adds a new preference to manually mark RSS articles as read
– Includes support for tilt wheels

New keyboard shortcuts added
– Alt-Enter in the Address field opens the same page in new background tab
– Alt-Shift-Enter in the Address field opens the same page in new foreground tab
– Ctrl-Enter in the Search field opens search results in new window
– Alt-Enter in the Search field opens search results in new background tab
– Alt-Shift-Enter in the Search field opens search results in new foreground tab
– Ctrl-Enter for (www/com) completion in the URL bar
– F6 to switch between the content area and URL bar
– Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab to navigate between tabs
– Backspace and Shift-Backspace to go back/forward between Web pages
– Ctrl-F4 to close a tab
– Ctrl-E to focus the search field
– Windows-M to minimize
– Ctrl-mouse wheel to zoom
– Shift-mouse wheel to scroll horizontally

– Improves application stability

– Increases standards and site compatibility

– Improves JavaScript performance
– Improves application launch performance

You can download your Safari 3 Beta via the link here. Once you have installed Safari 3 Beta, you can use the Software Update to check the latest update. Enjoy your browsing experience with Safari.

Update: Final full release for Safari version 3.1