With the rise of widespread broadband internet access, the chance of users becoming victims to cybercriminals have also increased substantially. Users have a higher chance of exposing themselves to various malicious software that can eventually create various problems. To help users increase web safety and protect themselves against web malware, Dell KACE has lately unveiled a new free Secure Browser which uses virtualization technology to provide a safer web experience for individual users and organizations.

Technically Dell KACE Secure Browser is a sandboxed version of Firefox 3.6 that has already been added with Adobe Reader and Flash plugins. This secure browser will keep malicious activities and malicious files which are inadvertently downloaded from the internet within the browser sandbox itself. Users can immediately terminate the browser activity and reset it into the initially installed state if needed or if they sense some illegal activities happening. With this concept, the malicious activities cannot affect the computer system and it is easier to clean the system and bring the user back to full productivity.

Users are also given options to set white and black lists to control processes that may be started and specify good and or bad sites that may be visited. This feature helps users to filter security threats and prevent access bad sites with malicious programs. It minimizes the chance of users accessing problematic sites again. The Secure browser also allows users to view statistics related to the number of processes detected and blocked.

Download Dell KAC Scure Browser from http://www.kace.com/resources/secure-browser