Samsung has been working hard to bring up its company image as one of the consumer electronics manufacturers that care about the environment. Ranked number second only immediately after Nokia as the Greener Electronics company, the Korean company has recently emphasized on two environmental friendly product lines that are important for next generation PC market.


Other than processor, memory plays an important role in boosting up the whole PC system performance. While most of current PC memory technology is still stuck with DDR2 technology and with some high end PCs starting to migrate to DDR3 memory technology, Samsung is one of the few memory manufacturers that have been trying to bring up the power efficiency on its DDR3 product lines with lower 1.35V power supply and smaller 40nm process technology that able to reduce power consumption y 70 percent as compared to conventional DDR2 memory devices. Besides, the Korean maker is also spending much effort in developing SSD (Solid State Devices), which is another important elements in determining system robustness and reliability. In comparison, the power saving can be as much as 70 percent versus what have to be taken to supply to conventional hard disk drives.

Although it may costs more in terms of components selection with technology shift from DDR2 to DDR3 or from conventional SATA/PATA hard disk drive to SSD, not to mention about the new system integration migration, but the decision is definitely worth the effort spent since it will help to conserve energy in the long run.