Mobile phones’ specifications has been continuously revised to meet greater consumers’ demands especially in graphics performance. In view of these stringent requirements, Samsung Electronics has just announced its plan to further to license ARM’s Mali-SVG-t software technology as an effort to further improve the graphics rendering capabilities on its future mobile devices running on ARM cores.

ARM’s Mali-SVG-t technology serves as a middleware that has been specifically optimized for ARM cores and system designers will be able to based on this cutting edge technology to scale up the 2D graphics rendering capability across various platforms. The software technology is claimed to be complaint with SVG-t 1.2 specification, an open standard defined by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) that can leverage on OpenVG graphics acceleration engine for optimum performance without significantly increase its power consumption.

No doubt, this is a great news for those waiting for powerful mobile device that are thermally efficient while able to handle complicated graphics processing with ability to bring up display resolutions significantly beyond existing solutions. However, no actual date on when the end products will be reachng commercial space.