Samsung has shown off its folding OLED cellphone in the FPD International organized by Nikkei Business Publications in Japan recently. This amazing high-tech demo is an absolute gem and a vindication of future mobile phone technology. At first glance, users may wonder why the new OLED phone is a bit bulky in size, with a 5 inch display screen, and looking a bit more like a portable media player rather than a cellphone. Users will thence be amazed and won over when the phone folds itself automatically into half, showing another secondary but smaller screen on the opposite side. A menu of icons will appear on the smaller screen, similar to what we see in most cellphones. The smaller screen panel is touch-sensitive. Unfortunately Samsung didn’t reveal much on this innovative technology. Surely this new technology is still a long way away before emerging in the market.

A Video Clip of the Samsung foldable OLED mobile phone is shown below: