Taking self-portrait photos can be a lot of fun but it is never easy. You can’t see yourself from the camera and you never know how you look until after the shot is taken. The angle and the focus can run far out because you can’t really see where the focus point is when you use the timer mode and tripod to set up the camera. Things can be better with Samsung’s new breakthrough in the industry with its new dual LCD camera, ST500 and ST550 (also known as TL220 and TL225).


Both ST500 and ST550 offer two LCD screens: a 3-inch display for ST500 and a 3.5-inch display for ST550 in the back, and a small 1.5-inch LCD display in the front for both. With this small screen in the front, photographers do not have to worry their self-portrait photos will turn out badly. They can check through the LCD display and get the angle and focus right. Apart from that, the tiny display in the front also can play some cute animation that can catch the attention of the people being photographed especially fidgety kids.

Both 12.2-megapixel cameras from Samsung sport a 4.6x optical zoom with Schneider Kreuznach lens and offer features such as dual image stabilization, 720p video capabilities and touch-screen display. With $249 for ST500 and $299 for ST550, users can save the hassle of looking for people to take their self portrait photos when going on travels.