Nowadays smartphones are equipped with larger capacity of internal flash memory as the resolution and size of media files start to grow. In order to cater for the demand of much higher capacity of NAND Flash memory while still able to maintain its slim form factor design, Samsung has developed an “ultra-thinning” technology that is claimed to be able to bring down the flash memory chip thickness to merely 0.6mm, making the whole design more flexible with ample of stack up margin targeted for smartphones and handheld portable devices.


Being fabricated using 30-nm process technology, each of the 32Gb NAND flash chip is tiny enough measured around 15um thickness and all of them can be stacked in multi-die package technology to create a desired 32GB NAND flash devices with only 0.6mm in total height, which is around 40 percent reduction in both thickness and weight. The benefit is obvious – now board developers will able to have more margin in system design when trying to integrate the next generation Flash memory chip while still able to offer higher density on top of better performance, lighter, and slimmer form factor end products for consumers.

No pricing and availability yet, you can expect more and more mobile or smartphones to have built-in Flash memory for storage following the trend of existing mobile devices such as famous Apple iPhones as a media-centric gadget in consumer space.