Printing costs can cut a large chunk into your budget especially if bulk printing is involved. Besides the substantial cost of cartridge or toner, the cost of paper also adds another financial burden. To minimize your paper and toner usage, you can probably try using FinePrint, a printing friendly tool that helps to enhance your printing experience. This tiny Windows printer driver can reduce your printing costs significantly and free you from annoying printing problems.

How can FinePrint help you to enhance your printing experience and cut costs? Well, let’s see the features and functions offered by this application: –

• Print Preview: Universal print preview with editing capability. Easily add blank pages, delete pages, and re-sequence jobs.
• Ink Saver: Provides options to convert colored text to black and skip graphics.
• Multiple Pages on a single sheet: Print 2, 4 or 8 pages on a single sheet of paper.
• Watermarks Headers and Footers: Watermark, header and footer option allows documents to be marked with the date, time, system variables or custom text.
• Forms and Letterheads: Allows the simplified creation of electronic forms and letterhead. The preview feature shows how output will appear before you print it to ensure correct alignment.
• Combine Print Jobs: Allows multiple documents to be combined together as a single print job. This is useful for creating booklets based on web pages, etc.
• File saving: Save pages and jobs to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, text and FP formats.
• Clipboard Support: Any printed output can be copied to the clipboard in text or graphics
• Double Sided Printing Support: Booklet making and double sided printing are supported with all documents and printers. Booklets create a professional touch to all documents and are easy to read and carry. Double sided printing cuts paper use in half and reduces travel weight.
• Paper Scaling: Allows large pages to be scaled to that they fit on standard paper sizes such as letter or A4.
• Adjustable Margins: Margin adjustment allows for increased text sizes for better readability, by using more of the printable area on the page.
• Gutter Support: Gutter capability provides space for binding documents.
• Multiple FinePrinters: Multiple FinePrinters can be created. This allows the creation of “virtual printers” that have different pre-defined settings. For example, you could have a “booklet printer” that automatically prints a booklet or a “letterhead printer” that prints on your letterhead without the FinePrint dialog box appearing.
• Easy server deployment: Install on a server as a shared printer for easy group or enterprise deployment.

Developed by FinePrint Software, FinePrint released its FinePrint 6.03 and the trial version is available for downloading here. The trial version will bear a small banner on each printout. The purchased version will not have the banner. Besides saving money from your pocket, minimizing your printing overhead also helps to reduce negative environmental impact.