Perhaps you are tired of listening to local radio stations which play the same songs over and over again and seem to be saturated with commercials. If you are hungering for independent worldwide radio broadcasts, you can opt for Screamer Radio, an internet radio player that can stream audio data to your computer via internet connection.

Unlike the traditional radio player which can receive radio signals from local radio stations, Screamer Radio cannot receive this signal directly, but users can use this internet radio player to listen to radio stations which support online radio streaming. There are more than two thousand radio stations all over the world in the radio directory in Screamer Radio. Thus, users can use this application to listen to their favourite radio station.

Screamer Radio is a freeware and it is free of commercial ads. While listening to your favourite music, this program also allows users to record their favourite songs/music into MP3 or OGG format. Users can record and play them in the future. The latest Screamer Radio version 0.4.2 is available for downloading. Users can download it via the link here:

Download: Screamer Radio v0.4.2 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Download: Screamer Radio Portable v0.4.2 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Download: Screamer Radio v0.4.2 for Windows 9X
Download: Screamer Radio Portable v0.4.2 for Windows 9X

Some amendments to this latest release:
• Upgraded BASS to
• Upgraded BASSWMA to
• Added a lot of language files and converted all of them to UTF-8
• Refactored a bunch of code
• Fixed UTF-8 bug on non UNICODE-build
• Peakmeter didn’t update properly, required a restart to turn on or off
• Statusbar only updated when switching languages if you were currently playing
• Merged changelogs, now there is only one
• Resolved long path bug when recording
• Updated manifest file with Vista privilege properties
• Tray icon now recreated on explorer restart
• Tray icon now indicates if you are recording (when custom icon is off)
• Tray icon menu now has a quicker option to enable/disable recording
• Preset menus now split into columns of 35 items each
• Upgraded BASS to
• Upgraded BASSWMA to
• Upgraded BASS_AAC to
• Added manifest file and adjusted GUI a little, slightly prettier dialog
• Fixed internal string bug
• Screamer now fades out on stop
• Windows Desktop Heap bug adressed, but not fixed… will require new way to select radio stations, preset menu is simply too large