newssiftThe reputable British international business newspaper, Financial Times, now offers business professionals, consultants, fund managers and investors a new platform to keep in touch with the latest financial knowhow via its new search engine called Newssift. This new search engine by the century old business newspaper is a semantic search engine which sifts through business news, and it is not half bad, especially for bigger companies and broader topics.

According to Financial Times (FT), Newssift indexes more than 4,000 business news sources, from online newspapers and blogs to news portals and research sites. It is ingesting about 120,000 articles a day right now and applying semantic tags to each one. After processing, the search engine will categorize each article by business topic, organization, place, person, and theme. With the detailed categorization, it helps users to look for the information required in an easy and speedy way. Users can make use of this financial search engine to save their searches for future reference.
“Unlike traditional search, Newssift was developed to enable users to string together a query that can provide insight into the relationship between people, organizations, geography, and business theme, which ultimately facilitates more informed business decisions,” said Robin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, FT Search, the creators of “There are only a few search engines that employ relationship-based or semantic algorithms, and to date there is no other that accomplishes refinement using a business point of view.”

Newssift generally offers a niche search tool for those who want to look for financial knowledge, research data, useful information, etc. It is highly focused and directs users to the relevant search results. Worth checking out if you are looking for some tips and tricks to invest in the stock market, for instance, especially in this economic downturn!