Many Internet users surely have experienced before being directed to some spam or non-relevant sites when they are browsing for information using search engine. The same junk sites always prompt out even when users try to type in different keywords. To avoid the same search results from clogging up your account and wasting users’ time, Search Filter, an extension application for Google Chrome browser can help users to eliminate the nuisance.

Search Filter is a search engine searches filtering tool for Google Chrome browsers. Once it is installed, users will notice a tiny red delete button appearing next to the URL in the search result as shown in the image below.

Users can click on to the delete button to block and remove the domain from appearing again in the search result. When users block or remove a particular domain, the same domain will be removed from all search results for all search terms.

With this search filtering feature, users do not need to spend time dealing with these unwanted or spam search sites again. Of course if users want to remove the feature, they can always go to the option page to remove the filtered/deleted domains. Search Filter is compatible with major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.