After about a year’s private beta trial service, Hitachi America, recently released its image search engine, GazoPa, as an open beta version and offers to the public for trying, testing and feedback without the need to register or log in. GazoPa is a next generation image search engine which allows users to use features from one image to search for and to identify for similar images. For instance, users can upload a photo or draw an image via the image editor from the search engine. The search engine will search for similar images from its database based on the input. Besides, users also via other methods such as entering a photo’s url or typing a keyword can make similar photo search. GazoPa can support not only photos but also the search of video thumbnails.


Based on users’ feedback, GazoPa has made significant improvement in terms of features in this open beta version. For instance, GazoPa has added features such as filtering the latest images and reusable images. The latest images can now be displayed by a filtering option. GazoPa enables users to filter images that are for commercial and remix use.

GazoPa has made image searching become more interesting and user friendly. This open beta version is free and users can try it out and provide feedback to the developer for improvement.