A survey may reveal that people hardly search for information in a library as Internet search is so convenient and easy. However, most information is still contained in the age-trusted library. Searching for a particular title or item may prove daunting for those who seldom frequent libraries. If you’re looking for a particular book or journal in a local library but do not know where to start looking, Worldcat may be able to help you.

Instead of visiting the local libraries physically, you can access and search for the information you need via this online interface. Worldcat is accessible to the general public and allows searches on books, journals CDs, DVDs, and audio books in the collections of libraries in 112 different countries worldwide. Users can also via Worldcat to discover other digital content such as downloadable audiobook, research materials that are not available to the public and so on. This online library will lead users to a direct link to the “Ask a Librarian” help feature and other services of a library’s Web site.

Get Worldcat to assist you in the event you need some library resources. Firefox users can add Worldcat plug-in for Firefox into their Firefox browser.