Would you like to know what’s going on in your room while you are away? With this security camcorder clock, you have a chance to know! The security camcoder clock will be activated when it detects any movement to record 320 x 240 pixel full motion video files in AVI encoding format, then shut off automatically when activity stops. You can replay the AVI files in your notebook/computer through the USB cable which included in the package.

A motion-activated security video camera recorder is hidden inside a fully functional and discreet LCD clock that sits on a shelf. However, this camcorder clock only have a 64MB built-in memory which can records up to 12 minutes of video. Fortunately, you also can expand its recording time with extra MMC or SD cards as a memory card slot is available. The selling price of this security camcorder clock is about $180, and you may want to put this spy clock in your room.