Many internet users might probably have had experience receiving anonymous email messages from unknown parties. These emails are not spam. The content addresses certain important issues and if you read the email, you will know it is not junk. The senders intend for their identity to be hidden from particular recipients, thus the anonymity. There are various ways to create anonymous letters. One of the easiest ways is via a web based anonymous email service provider.

There are various web based anonymous email service providers available in the internet. Users can use these websites to type their messages and thence send out to the intended recipients via the service provider’s servers. Senders’ IP addresses will not be shown in the mail. As a result, the senders’ identity will remain hidden and will not be exposed. The email recipients will never know the background or detail of the senders.

There are various useful web based anonymous mail service providers. These web services do not require users to create an account or register in order to use them. If users want to send anonymous mail, some of these services can probably help:




Anonymous mail service is useful when you are in a dilemma about revealing the truth because it might offend somebody or get you into trouble. For instance, you want to be the whistle blower in your company and inform the boss about some illegal activities or corruption in the company; you want to confess your love to somebody but is afraid of rejection, etc. Anonymous mail could just be the right tool for you. Besides that, on some occasions, you might probably want to drop some messages into your own inbox. You could use the service to type your messages and send them to your email account.

Anonymous mail service is meant to help people who need it. It is definitely illegal if users abuse the service for any illegal activities at any time. Users must be responsible for all the consequences of their action. It is not meant for poison pen letters and irresponsible attacks on individuals or organizations.