Email newsletter is one of the efficient methods in web marketing. By sending out email newsletters to your subscribers, visitors, customers, etc, you will conserve contacts and get in touch with these people. On top of that, you can always refresh the recipients’ mind and remind them about your services, your website, your blog, your products, etc. You can also do promotion, product launching, etc via email newsletter. To send out email newsletter to the recipients in your contact list is not a really complicated or difficult task. However, if you use a regular email account to send these email newsletters, it will probably not achieve the results desired. Sending out an email to hundreds or thousands of people might cause your email be treated as spam mail. To overcome this problem, one way is to subscribe to service from email newsletter providers and they will do the job for you. Of course there will be costs or fees incurred.

Well, if you have just started a company and additional cost is a main concern for you, there are some free email newsletter providers you probably can try out if you believe in email newsletter as a web marketing tool. One of the free service providers you can check out is Your Mailing List Provider or YMLP in short. This free email newsletter provider offers users quite a competitive package to send out email newsletter for free. For this free package, users need to sign up with YMLP but without downloading or installing any application. Registered users can enjoy the following benefits included in the package for free:

  • Offers up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Able to send one newsletter per calendar day
  • Able to send up to 1,000 emails per month
  • Can send plain text or graphical (HTML) newsletters
  • Support mail merge function
  • Can schedule newsletter for a later date and time
  • Can send attachments
  • Offers embed images option
  • Create contact lists and import contact list
  • Features built-in HTML WYSIWYG editor
  • Track readers