With heavily subsidized iPhone 3G now on the market, it’s understandable that all exclusive and greedy cell phone service providers that partner with Apple to sell iPhone 3G, such as AT&T, is going all out to squeeze every penny out of iPhone subscribers.

One such profiteering method is to remove free text messages from the phone call plan, where 200 free SMS is included in the original iPhone plan. Instead, iPhone 3G users have to pay $5 per month for 200 messages, or $15 per month for 1500 messages, or $20 per month for unlimited SMS messages. For FamilyTalk user, the cost is even higher, either $30 per month for unlimited text messages or $0.20 per message.

There are plenty of ways to send (and some able to receive replies) free text messages from iPhone and iPhone 3G. Another possible workaround to send free SMS from iPhone is for users who are using AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Best of all, the trick to send free text messages via AIM and iChat works on iPod Touch too, as long as it has Internet connectivity via WiFi etc.

To send free SMS text messages via AIM in iPhone or iPod Touch, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install AIM client for iPhone from the App Store, either in iTunes or iPhone.
  2. Open iChat (or any other instant messaging client used in the mobile device), create a new buddy contact, and set his or her AIM address as his or her complete cellphone number (with country and area code) preceding with a plus sign (+). For example, +12065550551.

    Cell Phone AIM Contact via iChat

  3. On the iPhone, run AIM client. Once connected to the AIM service, the AIM client will load the stored buddy list from AIM’s server, and also reveal the new AIM contact with cell phone number created via iChat.
  4. Tap the buddy name that want to send text messages to, then compose the text message, and tap Send to send out the SMS.
  5. If there is any reply from the recipient, the return message will appear in AIM client.

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  • sheri


  • I am shamsul

  • Cool, Hey everyone my AIM is mlmagpie11.

  • heyy um does any one have a website that i could get free sms on my ipod touch if so please hit me up!! :)

  • Daniel

    This is the most slanted article I have read in a while. First off, the $30 data plan is the same price as every other 3g PDA device and even the slower 2g blackberry curve. Second, the average iPhone user downloads more than 10X the average PDA data user (blackberry, windows mobile etc) and they are not being charged more. Furthermore saying $30 is EVEN HIGHER for family messages doesn't even make sense when that comes out to $15 per line (5 dollars less) or as low as $6 per line with 5 lines on the account. Get your facts straight

  • v

    worked but my friends have to pay for some aol thing to read my texts on their phones

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  • ………

    Does this work for sendinf SMS to UK mobile phones? if it does what do you type at the beginning of the number for it to send please?

  • Jackie

    when the person receives the sms they are asked if they want to accept text messages from my sn….if they replied no is there any way to ask again in case they changed their mind because when i tried it again it said the number does not want to receive text from aim

  • vtec80

    aim is good for sending free. Sometimes I have a problem when the person responds to aim and I don't have connection at the time. I won't get there response even though they think I have. It causes confusion

  • ShipiboConibo

    So what are these apps that can send AND RECEIVE SMS? I cannot find any examples of this.

    <cite>here are plenty of ways to send (and some able to receive replies) free text messages from iPhone and iPhone 3G.</cite>

  • simon

    hi i live in new zealand and my number is in the format 027*******, what should i put in the name place?

  • We just launched an iPhone app called SMS Touch, which enables iPod Touch users to send free sms messages through email. You can find it on the app store by searching for SMS Touch.


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  • pol

    MAT ARLAXIS 2311707

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  • BlueAngelEyes23

    I'm not sure if this feature works any longer without restrictions. However, there are sites that allow free SMS text sending to cell phones without registration. The major down side to sites like this is, the users you message cannot respond back like they may have been able to using the AIM service.


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