If you’re looking for a service that allows you to send free text messages (SMS) to any country in the world, HeyWire may be the only choice now, as most free SMS sending service is either defunct or not reliable. HeyWire is a free service which intends to be the social messaging hub for end-users, and it combines various text and chat services into all-in-one app.

HeyWire features the following text and chat services:

  • Free real texting (SMS) to any mobile phone in U.S and virtually all countries worldwide, including mobile phone that does not have HeyWire installed, who can respond to a real dedicated US number (though they will be charged standard text messaging rates to send local or international SMS to a U.S. phone number – it’s free if they uses HeyWire).
  • Cross-platform messenger which supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, web interface and more.
  • Integrate with Facebook chat.
  • Integrate with Google Talk (Gtalk).
  • HeyTweets supports Twiter 40404 short code to allow Twitter via SMS/text with HeyWire number.
  • HeyLo which allows users to locate and text HeyWire friends.
  • SmartSMS which enables Safe Driving Mode that delay incoming SMS while driving with an auto response feature replies to texts to inform about unavailability.
  • Able to send text or chat with up to 10 contacts at once.
  • Utilizing push notification and background task, HeyWire works to receive texts, SMSes and chats even when the app is not opened.
  • Emoticons support.
  • Signature support.
  • Ability to hide message previews.
  • Multi-screen messaging.
  • HeyWire works over 3G or Wi-Fi.


The strength of HeyWire is that it can reliability and consistently send real SMS text messages to mobile phones for free, via GSM which is how typical SMS texts been sent and received (no Internet required to receive nor HeyWire app). There is no international texting fees, making it suitable to be used for SMS texting while traveling through Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection to avoid exorbitant roaming charge.

Free SMS Text Worldwide Globally with HeyWire

HeyWire does have one major inconvenient especially for non-US users. The SMS text messages are sent from one unique dedicated private US phone number to all global mobile phones, as it does not use the user’s phone number. It means that if the recipient replies to the text and it’s not located in United States of America, he or she will incur international SMS charge, which is more expensive and usually not part of free SMS bundle in mobile plan.

View the video introduction to HeyWire:

Can the free HeyWire service survives? Time will tell, but HeyWire is making money via in-app ads display and HeyWire Store, which allows users to purchase to personalize HeyWire with theme and sound packs, or upgrade for no ads.

HeyWire is available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 3.1 or later), Android and through web interface which currently in beta (registration has to be done on mobile smartphone device prior to registering for web interface).

Download HeyWire for iOS from iTunes App Store.
Download HeyWire for Android from Android Market.