There are many ways to send free SMS or text messages in iPhone and iPod Touch, be it limited or unlimited quantity, bypassing and skipping paying the expensive mobile carrier’s service plan expensive charge. For iPhone and iPod Touch users who feel that previous workaround is too troublesome to setup, or still utilizing EDGE, 3G or cell service that has cost, there is another app for iPhone and iPod Touch named textPlus that comes to rescue.

textPlus, developed by GOGII, is a free app for iPhone and iPod Touch to send and receive free text messages (SMS). textPlus leverages on GOGII’s innovative interactive SMS technology to enable true group conversations in text and seamless interaction between textPlus app users and their friends using standard SMS text messaging.


With textPlus, iPhone and iPod Touch users can send free, unlimited texting or SMS over Wi-Fi or wireless network at no cost, without the need of cell, EDGE, GPRS or 3G, all of which may be required to pay by mobile carrier depending on service plan. textPlus also supports ability to write texts in landscape mode, and features group text conversations. Group SMS conversations is very much similar to chatroom with SMS as instant messages. It allows user to text with several friends at one go with everyone in the group receives all text messages. All replies go to everybody in the chat room too.

textPlus also can send optional SMS notifications when there is incoming message, although it’s subjected to standard SMS rates. Best of all, textPlus works even when friends, buddies or family members do not have an iPhone or iPod Touch, nor have to install textPlus if they’re on iPhone or iPod Touch in order to start. Non-iPhone or non-iPod Touch chatters can join the group chat, or reply to a text message by using regular texts (SMS) with standard rates apply.

More information on textPlus at, and textPlus can be downloaded from Apple App Store or text to 60611.