At work, we might sometimes be required to send huge files such as proposals, photos, vide clips, etc to counterparts in other countries. There are plenty of ways we can do it when face with this assignment. On many occasions, users will use email services such as Gmail which allow users to send up to 20MB to deliver the attachment. It is quite a straightforward method. However, there are some setbacks. For instance, the recipient might never receive the file because a firewall might block huge files. Besides, huge files also block the recipient’s mailbox as it takes time to download the big files. Other than email, some users also use File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP does help though both senders and recipient need to have sound technical knowedge while using it. To deliver and send huge files, we have come across a useful file sharing tool, BoxCloud, which users can try out.

BoxCloud is different from many file sharing tools as this sharing tool does not require you to upload your file which consumes time. This sharing tool allows users to host their files on their own PC and share them with reliable parties via a small application. Users can decide which files to be shared and who can share these files: a single person or a group of people.

Boxcloud is free forever for 1 workspace and up to 3 contacts. Download via the link here. As usual, you need to pay if you want extra. BoxCloud is useful, user friendly and safe. The only setback for this tool is the size of your hard drive and it depends on the speed of your internet connection to deliver the files.