We are now living in an omnipresent Internet world that kept growing larger and larger as hundreds if not thousands of new blogs and websites are launched every day. If you’re the one who like to set up a new site and would like to choose the correct, nice as well as right domain name for your personal blog or site, taking into account SEO (search engine optimization) consideration, then the following simple tips for domain name optimization is perhaps a great reference for you.

Domain Name SEO

As its name implied, SEO is a key optimizer to enhance the visibility of a Web site by helping the site to rank higher in search engines. There is so many ways to improve the SEO ranking, and choosing the correct domain name is certainly the good start to create a cool site in addition to high-quality, interesting contents. Firstly, you must ensure the selected domain name’s keywords must be related and closely to your site’s aim and intention – As example, mydigitallife.info is related to digital, software and technology contents. If your site is focused on certain country, you can consider to add the country name in addition to the domain names such as usdigitallife.xxx, ukphone.xxx, uscar.xxx, singaporemobile.xxx and so forth.

Note: The .xxx domain above is not intended for pornographic sites, but should be replace with your preferred TLD (top-level domain).

Besides the point of relation, your domain name must be brief and easy to remember. Just imagine that how well and cool if people can realize and remind the objective of your site while they look over your domain name. It’s very important point for SEO, and thus why Apple recently bought the domain name (iCloud.com) for stunning $4.5 million to make its cloud-based service more business friendly. This is a successful case to use domain name for making a lot of money.

As you may know, the most popular, top-level domains are .com, .net, .org, .info and so forth, but while you search your desired domain name through an Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company such as Go Daddy and MyDomain, you might found that most of the popular, ideal domain names are already registered and taken by others, and you’re not rich as Apple to buy the domain name from those domain name scalpers at inflated price. What to do? Fear not, it’s not necessary to own a highly-popular domain, you can definitely go for second choice, third choice and even forth choice. For example, if your desired domain name is mysite.com and it was taken by others, you can try mysites.com, mysite.info and so forth. However, if you site is targeted at specific market or country like United States, United Kingdom, you can try to register your site under country domain such as .us, .uk, .com.us, .com.uk, .net.uk and etc.

Anyway, content is always the most important factor to get the site succeed according to what Bill Gates wrote in his article about the future of the Internet in 1996 – “Content is King”. To rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing, no doubt the original, interesting and helpful articles are definitely what you need to create and post on your site for success.