Nowadays PC usage is so common and you may have to leave them on overnight but have you really utilize them without wasting excessive energy unnecessarily. Now with this utility named as SetPower, it allows users to control the computer’s wake and stand by time as an initiative towards greener environment.

For the start, users need to create a new power plan schedule depending on own preference. Typically, you would probably prefer a full power high performance plan during the normal working hours and only want to enter energy saving plan once you get off from work. Good thing is, the setting is fully customizable and users can choose the new plan based on Balanced, Power Saver or High Performance mode. Under each mode, there are some pre-programmed settings in both battery and power supply condition that allow users to set the timing so that they PC system can be display off, sleep or hibernate. Once completed, key in the Start Plan time and these settings can be applied and repeated for any specific days on whole week based on own needs. Click on “save” will put the new plan under power plan schedule and users can proceed to setup additional energy saving plan towards the greener environment initiatives. Alternatively, users can click on “Create a typical schedule for me” to choose the power schedule in faster way, with one of the option of “On during the day” or “Out of the house during the day” that is claimed to be able to save 10 hours or 16 hours per day respectively.

SetPower is free for download for personal usage and there is also an enterprise version with minimum charge compatible to run in Windows XP, Vista and even 7 Operating Systems.