, previously a popular image hosting service, has expanded its offering to provide server based torrent downloading service via the Torrent Drive. The IS torrent download service is a free service. However, free users are limited to 5 GB disk space and 10 GB HTTP download bandwidth limit monthly. The worse limit is however, limed resource pool and download slot available for free (unpaid or unsubscribed) users.

When free ImageShack Torrent Drive attempts to activate a torrent downloading job to download the content of torrent, will display a page “Shared Process pool limit reached” title with web page saying “Please try your download later, or go premium for instant priority” instead. And, as expected, the torrent download process cannot be started, and remained in stop status.

The error is caused by limited download slots or the shared resource pools such as memory, bandwidth and disk space to manage the torrents that available to the free users have been used up and no longer able to serve the requested to start torrent. ImageShack encourages user to pay and subscribe for the premium account, which does not have such a limit and has immediate and instant start torrent downloading priority. Else, Torrent Drive users have to keep retrying to start the torrent.

For users who still don’t want to pay, here’s a little better workaround trick to handle such a situation. Load the ImageShack Torrent Drive in Firefox web browser. The set the tab to refresh (or reload) every 5 seconds (or any interval you prefer) automatically by using Tab Mix Plus or ReloadEvery add-ons.

Both addons is capable to auto-refresh a web page. Just make sure that you have click on Start button on ImageShack Torrent Drive, and let it refresh the page with the error message titled “Shared Process pool limit reached”. The error page is actually using the same exact URL to start a torrent downloading task. Don’t worry about refreshing will disrupt or stop the downloading process, as the URL is always used for starting the download only, and once the torrent is started, it will just display a message saying torrent has been started, or redirect back to main torrent index, which will stop the auto-reload.