biometric-shell-pumps.jpgForgot your wallet at home? The global group of oil, gas and petrochemical companies, Shell has concerned of your need with an announcement of Pay By Touch biometric payment technology. It’s the payment system that just required users to scan their fingerprints on scanner device for payment and then fuel up their vehicles.

In addition, the Pay By Touch biometric system which designed by a San Francisco-based company called Pay By Touch has installed at selected Chicagoland Shell stations. Anyway, you still have to hit up a kiosk for registration process as well as payment method.

“When we talk to customers, they’re always looking for ways to make buying gasoline quicker and easier, and always looking for ways to make their transactions faster and more secure,” said Chris Suess, Shell’s manager of global refueling innovations. “They don’t want to carry more cards, kits and keychains, and they want it to be free.”

“We want Shell to be the first choice for motorists and we aim to achieve that with operational excellence. That involves having the right people in place, first and foremost; but it also requires keeping stride, if not staying ahead of the curve, where technology is concerned,” added by Chris.

The Pay By Touch biometric payment technology seems perfect for people who always forget to carry their wallet along. Hopefully, this cool biometric payment technology can be available around the world as soon as possible.