Are you looking for way to get any websites delivered to your mailbox in simple way? It may be an alternative method of getting access to the websites content in case your company has blocked the web services due to company policies. The step is pretty simple and straight forward. It doesn’t even require any sign up before you will be able to use the service.

What you need to do is just launch your email access and compose a new email attention to: WebToMail []. In the subject field, just put in the desired website’s address that you would like them to deliver to your inbox. Leave the content empty and click ‘Send’ and you should expect to receive the contents embedded along in your email. Depending on mail servers, the delivery time may vary just similar to normal email delivery across different mail systems. Also, the display results may also different depending on the email client that you use. Nevertheless, it is still able to deliver up-to-date contents of any websites in less than three quick steps.

I have tried it myself and it works great using my company email. Shortly after I sent out the message, I have received the website’s link with all the favorite contents appeared in my inbox in less than two minutes. Best thing is, the content is clickable by putting your mouse cursor on it. Once you click on the active link, it will bring you to the actual websites for further exploration. Alternatively, you can read the news offline first in case your company has blocked the internet access intentionally. The service is totally free and feel free to visit WebtoMail for further information.