Watching video clips, movie videos, trailers and other video contents from video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc is an enjoyable experience especially nowadays users can stream the videos and watch them in their huge flat screen TV. However, since most of these video sharing sites are ads supported, so the screen that actual displaying the video is actually quite small proportionate to the whole screen. Video sharing site such as YouTube has added ads, related videos, users’ comment, rating, etc surrounded the actual screen which is displaying the video. Some users might find these stuffs are additional and annoying. If have the same feeling, probably you should try out a web service called Quietube which can resolve your hassle.

Quietube is a simple web service which allows users to watch their YouTube and other video clips on a blank page without other distractions. How doe it work? Users firstly need to go to Quietube and simply drag the Quietube bookmarklet from the site to the toolbar. Users can see there is a new bookmarklet is added to the toolbar. Whenever users visit YouTube or other supported video sites, users just need to click on to the “Quietube” button at the toolbar while playing the video. Users will thence notice the video clip will be played on an empty white page at a larger screen. Technically, Quietube just import the embed code and post in on a blank page for users.
Add Quietube to the toolbar

Quietube allows users to change the blank page into black color if the default white color is not preferable. Currently this service support YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler pages. Try it out if you prefer a blank background for easy viewing your favorite videos.