If you would like to stay current with information on your favourite website such as auction, sport result, email, market share price and etc, instead of pressing refresh button every time, now there is a web based application named as Site Reloader that will help you auto refresh the webpage at your selected interval.

Site Reloader is simple and easy to use. Just go to Site Reloader website, then enter the webpage URL which you would like to monitor and click Add button. The webpage will be auto launched in a new window once you click the Add button and will be auto refresh according to the reload rate as defined by you. You are allowed to enter multiple websites at the same time and select the refresh interval for each of them at your preference. One good thing about Site Reloader is it offers a sign-in feature which allows you to save URL list you have entered and will auto launch all of the Websites once you login. This will definitely save your time to enter your favorite URL list for auto refresh besides launching your favorite webpage one by one each and every each time you login to your computer. The sign-in link is located at the top left corner of the website and just click on it to sign-in.

Site Reloader is free to use. It is recommended to use in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other browsers which doesn’t’ provide auto refresh feature. Click here to go to Site Reloader website, explore and experience yourself on this new feature.