You might not be very well-versed with the systems in your computer especially if you are an ordinary non-tech user rather than a tech geek. You probably have no inkling, nor the need to find out about your Motherboard specifications, CPU name, memory capacity, network information, scheduled tasks or even software applications installed. Of course you can easily intercom some technical staff to assist you when you face problems. But having some basic understanding or “survivor skills” about the system you are working with can be priceless and save you a lot of inconvenience. SIW Standalone is a cool application to equip you with the know-how of your computer system. This interesting stand-alone utility will put everything you need to know about your computer system at your fingertips.

Users can download the application via the direct link here. The file size is approximately 1.46MB. Users can run it directly from a USB flash drive, a CD, a network drive or a portable hard disk without any installation. SIW (System Information for Windows) will scan through your computer system and report to you whatever information required: everything on software, hardware and network. It tells you your current operating system, what programs have been installed, network information, system directories, passwords hidden behind asterisks regional settings, loaded DLLs, drivers, etc. This tiny program also features a monitor test function to allow users to test the monitor color.