The well-known maker for award-winning mobile web browser, Skyfire has updated its popular Skyfire Android application with the launch of new Skyfire 3.0 with Facebook Connect, which seamlessly integrates Facebook directly into the SkyBar cloud-powered toolbar for an enhanced social networking integration, compatible with Android 2.0+ powered mobile devices.

“Skyfire 3.0 with Facebook Connect makes mobile browsing social,” commented Jeff Glueck, CEO for Skyfire. “This is just the latest innovation made possible by Skyfire’s Rocket Platform and illustrates why Skyfire, as the first browser ever powered by a cloud service, is a must-have for smartphone users.”

New features of Skyfire 3.0 with Facebook Connect (Android OS):

  • Simply clicks the Popular button on the Skybar to check the most Popular Content on your favorite sites recommended by Facebook community (over 500 million users)
  • Fireplace Feed Reader offers a filtered list of your Facebook news feed
  • Facebook Portal Integration gives users an instant access to their Facebook feed, profile and fast-growing location service Places
  • Skyfire OneTouch Search provides one-touch access for searching within Google, Facebook, VideoSurf, Digg, Twitter or Amazon
  • Facebook Like Button lets users “like” or share the interesting web page with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email – with just a single-click on the Skybar Like Button

The latest Skyfire 3.0 with Facebook Connect for Android platform is now available as a free download (limited time only) from the Android Market, so hurry.

Watch the intro video for Skyfire 3.0 for Android with Facebook Connect: