MID (Mobile Internet Device) has been quite popular in today’s consumer product industry with its light weight and mobility slowly replacing laptop for seamless connectivity anywhere. In view of higher demand, Skype has just announced the 1.0 beta version of its VOIP solution targeted for Moblin OS running on MID in CES 2009.


According to Skype, the release is specifically optimized for Intel Atom family Z-series processors that have been used extensively in MID products. Intel seems to be very successful with this ultra small form factor and yet very thermally efficient with getting plenty of eco-partners’ support in terms of software stacks and applications dedicated for its product lines.

Unlike Windows based Skype application that users can easily install into their platform, putting this beta Linux version into Moblin OS could be a bit tricky but not to worry since there are some instructions and generic guidelines here that can guide them through.

Since this is a very stage of beta version, don’t expect it to be perfect and the development team appreciates some real feedback so that they can further improve it in future release. Users can get a free download at Skype for immediate testing and use.