Normally, to access Jump List of a button in Windows 7 Taskbar, user right clicks on the button on Taskbar, and the Jump List will pop up. But if you’re not using a mouse, such as when using TouchPad pointing device or TrackPoint pointing stick, or pointing your finger to move around the touchscreen monitor, right click may not be too convenient.

Microsoft adds a shortcut in Windows 7 to display Jump List, by left-clicking on the mouse button, and slide across the Taskbar button or icon to show its Jump List. If you’re using touch-screen monitor, just touch and point your point to the button or icon on Taskbar, and slide up to open and bring up the Jump List, just like how you swoosh listing on iPhone and iPod Touch to browse through a list.

Slide Taskbar Button to Bring Up Jump List

When using mouse, press and hold the button on Taskbar, and perform slide up gesture to bring up the jump list instantly.

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