Smart Switch, as the name implies, is an intelligent home control system that can help to monitor and control power usage in digital home effectively with only minimum installation. It is the latest product designed by Avery Holleman, a designer who has worked on improving the system with the objective to re-use whatever in your house without much construction work required.

Basically the home control system comprises of two important elements that make the whole setup much simpler than others. First one is a centralized master switch that acts as heart of whole monitoring and control system. And second one is of course those smart power outlets and switches that reside in every corner of your home space to supply power to home appliances respective. Both of them communicate with each other and work together for effective monitoring through data link. One unique feature about this system is they are relied on powerline communication that can eliminate unnecessary wiring as well as annoying wireless interference.

Since the whole concept is meant to conserve energy, Smart Switch utilizes e-link display with relatively low power consumption to display all the necessary power usage without adding extra power drawn onto it. Besides, its intuitive design and simplified icon touch control capability are ideal for easy home appliance control even for those users that doesn’t familiar with computer usage. Alternatively, users can use remote controller to program and customize its functionality in conventional way without the need to physically touch on the control panel.

No pricing and availability yet, the system implementation will definitely add value as part of initiative for green environment besides able to save some bucks in current economy situation.