Nowadays mobile phones with integrated cameras are very common. It has become the trend of having multiple functions such as camera, PDA (personal digital device) and cellular phone in the same gadget. Some may wonder that if the mobile phone camera can be extended to be used as PC webcam which doesn’t need a very high resolution but yet can be brought conveniently in the pocket. Now there is a solution for you. SmartCam is the right software to turn the built-in camera module in your Symbian-based mobile phones to the digital webcam when there is needed.

Being developed on, the world’s biggest open source software community, SmartCam helps to transform your existing mobile phone’s camera to the digital webcam that can be paired with your PC for live chatting and video capturing. It was tested and worked with Nokia Symbian phone S60 series and should be compatible with most of the Symbian phones in the market. It supports famous Windows OS such as XP and Vista. The user just needs to install the program (downloaded free from website) and they are ready to work with some basic instruction.

There is only one minor limitation, that’s the synchronization can only be accomplished via Bluetooth at this moment. Most of the user may not bother, since Bluetooth or wireless is preferred and convenience method over synchronous cable. This is useful especially for those that don’t have a webcam at home or when there is a need to use the webcam to have a live chat with family members when traveling overseas.