It is always useful to be able to synchronous and backup your mobile device’s SMS text messages so that you can read or search them quickly from desktop PC. But ever wonder how you can backup your SMS from your Nexus One to Google’s Gmail? Here is a simple free app, named as SMSBackup that has been created to simplify the steps to sync and backup them all on the fly without complicated setup.

For the start, users will need to configure the Gmail account and once after you log in, go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab. Over there, you will notice “IMAP Access” selection and click on “Enable IMAP” to enable Gmail access from other clients using IMAP (by default the feature is disabled). Then, move to your Nexus One and with it connected to Network (either cellular or WiFi), open Android Market and search for an app named as “SMSBackup”, a free app by Christoph Studer, just follow the steps to install and launch it.

Once you launch the “SMSBackup”, users will be brought to a simple interface. Without complicated setup, just login the same Google account and you are almost done. Basically users can set it to be auto backup by simply ticking on it. And “Advanced Settings” allow other settings whether to mark those text messages in Gmail as read or unread, Gmail labeling and maximum items (up to 200 SMS) per backup depending on own preference. Once everything is configured, click on “Backup Now” will execute the text messages backup to your Gmail account ready for viewing in desktop PC. For first time backup, it has to be done manually and users have options to either backup or skip all messages currently stored on this device.

Depending on the number of text messages, it may take few minutes for the whole SMS messages to be backup and stored in Gmail. By now when accessing your Gmail account again, you will notice a new category named as SMS with all the text messages ready for viewing in thread mode as similar to what been seen on your Android based mobile phone or Nexus One phone. The SMSBackup is no doubt a great app suitable especially for those that have to deal a lot with text messages to get full backup for easy text searching and viewing without relying solely on screen constraint mobile device.

SMS Backup is available from Android Market (by Christoph Studer) and is hosted on Google Code as android-sms.