Graphic or image editing and modifying probably is a challenge for amateur bloggers or web freshies. To edit and optimize the quality as well as the size of web images need some good image editing tools or applications. It might incur costs and require skills to produce good images which can be added or embedded to a site. To keep things simple and easy, users probably can try the recent web based graphics editing tool, Smushit, brought by Yahoo.

Despite its name, Smushit is an excellent web service that helps users to optimize the size of web images without compromising their visual quality. This web-based application uses image format specific non-glossy image optimization tools to reduce the file size of the digital images. After reducing and optimizing the image size, users will be notified with a report or summary of the total image size reduced and they can download the modified image file as a single zip file.

Smushit is free and doesn’t cost users a single cent. Users can download and install it as a Firefox Extension and use it with the Firefox browser. Alternately, users can upload the digital images via their browser or provide a list of image URLs, and Smushit is smart enough to do the rest automatically.