Being a market leader in providing technological services, Google now brings to users a brand new platform, “Lively” virtual 3D world, for chatting and communication. Unlike conventional chatting platforms, Google Lively features a better environment for entertainment and expression. Users can have more fun with their friends online in a more interactive way via the virtual world environment, animated characters, 3D effects, etc.

Google Lively is in its Beta. This Google Lively Beta only supports Windows XP and Windows Vista at this point of time. XP and Vista users who are using IE or Firefox can download this plug-in via the link here. Users need to have video card with at least 32MB of video memory and installed with Flash 9 or higher versions.

After the installation is completed, existing Google users can launch Lively instantly and log in via their Google account. In Google Lively, users can create their personal 3D “Rooms”. They can customize these rooms with furniture and other accessories. Besides that, users can also create their customizable avatars which can represent themselves. Once the rooms are created, users can share their own rooms with others. They can embed the “Rooms” codes on blogs or web sites. Others are allowed to join the rooms created by users for social networking. Each room only allows avatars but up to 100 viewers can join as visitors. If you’re the 101st person to join, the room will be loaded with the message ‘No avatar –room is at full capacity.’ and you’ll have to visit the Room List to join another room. To be able to join the Lively 3D virtual “Rooms”, users need to be at least 13 years old. Those aged less than 18 must get a parent or guardian’s permission before joining.
Let’s view the demonstration video for Google Lively: