Digital hearing device is important to assist hearing-impaired person for proper communication in daily life. However, conventional hearing device always have limitation of not able to filter off noise effectively especially in noisy environment. Now with the new innovative technology, named as Clearcall from a team of software developers in Tel Aviv University, Israel, it is claimed to be able to improve the audio recognition by 50 percent, making it a real benefit to all the hearing-impaired people in the world.

Unlike conventional hearing aids that tend to amplify every audio pieces including background noise, the new technology is based on sophisticated software algorithm that is powerful enough to filter off those background noise, leaving only pure voice conversation for more realistic and clear communication. According to Professor Furst-Yust who leads the development effort, the filtered audio may sound distorted to normal people and also could be strange for those hearing-impaired people for the start, but the condition will improve significantly once they are get used to it with audio clarify improvement by 30 to 50 percent.

Good thing is, integrating this piece of advanced software algorithm is said to be quite straight forward, which only requires some add-on software module on top of existing hearing aid devices. However, manufacturers may need to pay some licensing fee to Ramot, its counterpart company in order to implement this to their end products.