If you are a Motorola mobile phone user, you may be familiar or encounter the same problem – unable to charge whenever the phone is plugged into travel charger, as what I experienced for my past three units of my Motorola brand mobile phones. These mobile phones (ranged from 3688, E398 and MPX300 were manufactured in different generation technology with a gap of 3-4 years launching date but yet the problem was inherited without proper fixes from manufacturer until today. Here I will show a simple solution on how to fix it DIY with proper tools.

Normally when a mobile phone cannot be charged, there are few possibilities. It could be due to, firstly, the travel charger itself is unable to generate sufficient current for charging. Secondly, the battery itself is defective or third possibility, the charging contact has dry/cold joint which deteriorate the electrical connectivity. Solution to the lost of electrical contact is the what I am going to concentrate here.

For the first and second possibilities, it is easier to be isolated by replacing a good charger or battery. But if you have done both replacements but still unable to resolve the problem, the possibility of charging connector’s cold joints is high.

In my personal experience, the cold joint could be due to manufacturer defect or mechanical stress that over-stress the connector’s joint over time. It is an intermittent reliability issue which cannot be screened through during production or warranty period. Motorola connector’s design tends to impose mechanical stress to few of the power charging pins (only 3 pins was used for charging) and by re-solder on these pins will able to rectify the problem.

Cautious: You may need some basic soldering skills and correct screw tools for the neat work. Else it may become more severe when you accidentally shorted few of the charging pins together.