fp__fp__543ps3montage.JPGSony has confirmed on the discontinuity of its famous 60GB PS3 after the recent price reduction of the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) early last months. The price cut of $100 has able to boost up the sales for the series significantly. With the announcement, it also means that the PS3 SKU will only left with 80GB series, filling up previous 60GB series’ selling price at $599.

Sony’s spokesperson stated that the inventory units in its warehouses were depleted fast enough to make way for the 80GB to the market. However, there could be some inventory left at the distributors or resellers’ stores in which they have no way to track but is believed to be less than what market is demanding for.

There is always an ideal case for the products to be designed to cater for all levels of groups. Some believe that Sony may make another pricing adjustment on its 80GB series as a replacement for its predecessors to compete with Xbox 360 Elite in mid and high end gaming segment. Xbox 360 Elite console is currently cheaper than the only SKU that offered by Sony but the company will definitely fight back with some bonus such as free Blu-ray movies bundled with the new purchase and etc. No matter which way they choose, those who benefits most will be the consumers like us.