Wonder what could be the processor that will be used to power up next generation Sony Playstation 4 gaming console? According to reliable source, the Japanese famous gaming console maker may have planned to migrate from current Cell-based processor to multi-core CPU architecture for its upcoming console systems.

Obviously, the Japanese company may have gather feedback from its games developers and the move will definitely able to ease up the difficulty faced by developers originally when trying to develop new games that are too complicated and cannot enjoy the full power out of it. As a result, a solution called SPU2 was developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba that is claimed to be able to reduce the complexity by allowing programmers to get direct access to single main memory space via some advanced algorithms. Intel’s Larrabee were used to be one of the candidates but due to the uncertainty and 3D graphics performance issue, it may no longer suitable to meet the projected release date and the gaming console maker could already have other multi-core architecture solutions in mind even though there is no further detail information being disclosed yet.

Currently it is still in very early stage of conceptual discussion and since it is quite common to go through the whole cycle from development to mass production in 24 months, the next generation architecture will only be available by 2012.