Like to see how websites rate against each other while you browse the Internet?

Alexa, a subsidiary of, has been providing information on web traffic since 1996. Once you install the Alexa Toolbar, you can then view traffic trends, reach and rank, of any site you visit on the Internet. The toolbar then feeds traffic data of the sites you visit back to Alexa. There are billions of people on the Internet and only a minor portion of them have the Alexa Toolbar. This population provides a “sample” of users that Alexa uses to measure web activity and page popularity.

But their toolbar has only been available for PC users with Internet Explorer. For example, here’s the My Digital Life Alexa Toolbar which previously available for Internet Explorer users only. Macintosh and PC users with Firefox have been left out of the Alexa sample… until now. An Alexa toolbar called “Sparky” for Firefox was finally released last week.

Why should you care about the Alexa Toolbar? Most people don’t. But if you want to support your favorite websites, then you might want Alexa to track what sites you visit. Many webmasters use Alexa ranking to set advertising rates.

If you are interested, you can get the Alexa Sparky Toolbar for Firefox here.