Presenting a technical paper highlighting figures and facts can be very dry and sleep-inducing. It is a very common phenomenon for you to look around the seminar hall and see people with glazed looks or sleepy eyes. Well, there are various tips and tricks that can help you make your presentation interesting. Apart from the usual photos or pictures to stimulate visual interest, special audio or sound effects can also grab the audience’s attention and leave a more lasting impression.

To evoke the right mood or effect in an unusual manner, you might want to consider the sounds of a trombone. If you want to highlight the point that sales are dropping yet need to make light of the situation to uplift staff morale, you can use the sad and depressing trombone sound. Or you could introduce a new staff member or the company’s project with a flourishing drum roll. If you want to really stand out and be notorious, you might include a farting sound to wake your listeners up. These three funny sounds can be downloaded using RealPlayer as “.swf” format. Users can thence convert them to “avi” or other media formats. Read our previous post on how to convert flash file to other media formats.

While these sounds may be unconventional and should be used wisely and sparingly, it could turn a nondescript and average presentation into an exceptionally interesting and memorable one. But it takes a certain personality to carry it off. In this competitive market, a creative speaker or presenter is someone who takes risks and turns the unusual into an advantage.