Human beings do make errors when it comes to spelling. We make careless mistakes or are simply not aware of the right spelling of words. One of the reasons might be compounded by the ease of using word processing programs such as Microsoft Word’s automatic spell check. However there is no auto spell-check when we type email, post comments, fill up online forms or even chatting via messenger programs. If that is the case and you are seeking for some web applications to assist you to reduce typo errors, Spellify, might be something that you can consider.

Spellify is a AJAX driven web application which uses Google’s spell checker to carry out automatic spell check when user type a word on the checker bar. It supports multiple languages. The Version 1.0 was released recently and it is compatible with IE7, FF2, IE6, Opera 9, Safari 3. Spellify is released under the GNU Public License. Download Spellify via the link here.